Apparently looking like a bird does not stop you from contracting "boneitis"

We’re pretty sure you’re going to like today’s podcast.

We combined our usual banter with an interview (@mlse from Pension Plan Puppets explains Colby Armstrong’s health, and the Toronto Maple Leafs in general) and some quality audio clips. And by “quality audio clips” I mean Rob and I shamelessly beat another joke to death.

We discussed:

* HBO’s 24/7 episode two tonight – will we see the Pronger story unfold?

* Ratings were down for the show from season one. What the hell?

* Colby Armstrong hid his concussion from the Leafs

* Colby Armstrong has “boneitis,” a (fictional) condition first explained on the excellent TV show Futurama

* Marcus Foligno made his NHL debut last night againsthis brother Nick

* Four-way tie atop the NHL scoring leaderboard. Guess who I think will win?

* Should the Habs hire Patrick Roy as their head coach? (No.)

*And much more.

You can listen to it here:

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