Life is a game of inches. So is hockey.

Hockey is kind of a ridiculous sport when you think about it. 12 human beings chase a disc of rubber around a sheet of ice while wearing skates while whacking at said disc with sticks. Your gut reaction may be to disagree with this, but I think the more you ponder that the more you’ll realize I’m on to something.

What’s more ridiculous is when common sense and the laws of science are noticeably absent from this game and it ends in a team holding the unfortunate title of “loser” and no doubt leading to anger, frustration and the question: “WHY?” This is how the Florida Panthers and their fans feel tonight. Granted had things gone according to plan it would have only tied the game, but according to plan is much better than what actually happened.

Jason LaBarbera, you are one lucky son of a gun.

Not only has Stephen Weiss not been traded after YEARS of speculation, he couldn’t get an inch of roll. I bet he hates golfing too.

Stephen Weiss has a hard life.