If you think he looks bewildered here...

Jarome Iginla is, by all accounts, a pretty nice guy. He’s visible in the Calgary community, he’s (for some reason or another) loyal to his team, he answers every question the media asks him no matter how inane. He genuinely tries really, really hard.

It’s not often that you see someone like that become totally flabbergasted at what a reporter asks them. Iginla has been around the block for years, he’s equipped with every cliché in the book. Though, as we found out, when someone asks him plainly, “setting up the play” he has absolutely no words.

See for yourself and prepare to feel really uncomfortable watching this over and over again:


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  1. Someone’s got to find out who that reporter was, and what she was really trying to ask.

    Hopefully that’s not how I sound interviewing the Flames on Thursday…

  2. Wow. Talk about awkward. For both Parties

  3. It would help if she was actually asking a question. She might as well have just blurted out, “potato chips” and then asked him to respond.

  4. any guesses on what she meant? maybe… “how did you feel setting up the play” or something?

  5. Maybe her producer told her to ask him about setting up the play without specifying what he meant? Clearly she had no clue what she was talking about…

  6. The worst thing someone could do (after being asked to elaborate) is to repeat the original question. Awesome. Good thing Iggy is a polite guy!

  7. If you know what you are trying to ask, you can always re-word the question. Clearly she had no idea what she was trying to ask and it showed.

  8. My thought is that she was not a native English speaker and was at a loss for the words for the question she was trying to ask.

  9. “Jarome, setting it up. Setting. Up. The play.”

    “Ah, pardon me?”

    “Setting up the play.”

    “Uh, as in the goal tonight, you mean?”

    “Everything. Playing… setting up the play.”

    *perplexed silence and confused look from Iginla*

    “No idea? Setting up the play.”

    “Ah, no, sorry, not sure what you mean.”

    “I mean…”

    *embarassed silence as reporter’s career implodes*

  10. Funny as hell to watch and first but when you go over it ten times you can only hope she is okay. I would like to know if she did in fact have a cerebral blip. Can anyone find out and post?

  11. If I’m not mistaken, she asked this question previously and he answered her. She asked him in a different wording. I would have been fighting the urge to smack her. Do you think she had been drinking?

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