Last night we saw Marcus Foligno make his NHL debut for the Buffalo Sabres as they took on his older brother Nick and the Ottawa Senators. Their father Mike (who played 15 years in the NHL) was in attendance along with 30 family members. That’s a pretty cool way to make your NHL debut.

Here are 10 other interesting stories and facts about brothers who played in the NHL

The Sutters

We have to start with the most famous of them all. There were 6 Sutters who played in the NHL (Brian, Darryl, Duane, Brent, Rich, Ron). Funny thing is, the 7th brother Gary was apparently the best hockey player of them all (according to his siblings), but he stayed home to work on the family farm

Phil and Tony Esposito

You would think that when Tony Espostio was making his NHL debut in net for the Montreal Canadiens in 1968, that Phil would go easy on him. Not the case. Phil scored two goals on his brother, at least the game ended up a 2-2 tie.

Wayne and Brent Gretzky

Its one of the most over asked hockey trivia question ever. Who is the highest scoring pair of brothers in NHL history? Answer: The Gretzkys. Wayne 2857 points, Brent 4 points.

Ken and Dave Dryden

Here is my question, if both Dave and Ken were goalies, who was doing the shooting as a kid in road hockey? Maybe it was their sister Judy. Either way it worked, they were the the first brothers to face each other as goaltenders in an NHL game.

Gino and Paul Cavallini

They were Italian

Scott and Rob Niedermayer

Imagine being Scott and Rob’s parents in 2003. Both of your sons are playing in game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals, except its against each other. a) who do you cheer for? b) how can you really celebrate after the game knowing that one of your boys is crushed? Maybe that game solved the “who do you love more” question once and for all.

The Staals

Many people are wondering why Eric Staal is having the worst season of his career. Could it be becasue he feels guilty about doing this to his brother Marc? By the way, that was in February and he hasn’t played since.

Keith and Wayne Primeau

Remember when I asked who the Niedermayer parents would cheer for in game 7 of the Cup finals? Well, I wonder who Mr and Mrs Primeau were cheering for when they saw this

Mark and Marty Howe

Not only did these two play on the same team, they played on the same line. And who better to finish off  that line than their pops Gordie Howe.

Mario and Alain Lemieux

Alain played 119 games in the NHL, one of which was with his younger brother Mario in the 1986-87 season. (I think I know what your are saying to yourself right now…”Mario had a brother? ”

There are so many other combos we can talk about; The Bures, The Richards, The Sedins, the Pizzo’s (You never heard of Rob, Jay and Adam? Check out the Guelph, Ontario Minor hockey stats book). One thing is for sure, these players did mom and dad proud.


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