This has been happening more than he cares for

Carey Price is a very good NHL goaltender. You could argue that nine seasons out of ten, he would have won a Vezina trophy with his performance from one year ago. Unfortunately for him, Tim Thomas, Roberto Luongo and Pekka Rinne were all absolutely outrageous and he didn’t make the final ballot. He was also within one overtime goal of knocking the current defending Stanley Cup champion Bruins out of the playoffs. Naturally, Price was hoping for similar results this season and as of right now, it looks as though none of that will happen.

The Habs got shellacked 4-0 by the Winnipeg Jets in a painful game to watch for Montreal faithful. Price was in between the pipes for every single one of those Jets goals, and he’s starting to get a little fed up of being hung out to dry by his team. Do you blame him? I don’t. I’d be interested to find out which players he’s specifically referring to as “playing as individuals.”

Price is right (sorry for the obvious pun) – there could be even more changes on the horizon in Montreal.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m whoever replaces Pierre Gauthier (see what I did there?) I gut the entire team and leave Price. Problem is, who is going to take some of these guys?

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  1. Some of the struggling players (like Cammalleri and Gill) have had great playoff preformances and thus could entice a team looking to solidify their run at the cup. Gomez might count if he ever returns from injury…

    Speaking of injuries, I wonder how much they are causing this. Gionta, Gomez and Markov are the main ones, though I think missing the energy of Ryan White has hurt…The Habs were at 500 when Gionta went down, won the first two, then lost one and Martin got fired.

    All I know is it’s time for me to start looking at the upcoming draft to see who I want them to pick ~5th :(

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