The hint of whimsy in his face is appropriate

If memory serves correct, Darren Pang doesn’t do color commentary too often (UPDATE: IN CANADA! Turns out that he works as a color guy for the Blues, which I was not aware of. Stick tap to commenter Marlon on that one). I’m not going to suggest this is why, but if you could help me understand what he’s going on about here I’d love to know.

He starts talking about “juicy squid” and then starts talking about… well I’m not really sure. He says something along the lines of “I’ve got a growl on” and I don’t really know what that means. Feel free to help me out with this one folks.

Also, an Octopus hitting the ice in Calgary! Cool! You crazy Red Wings fans will throw cephalopods anywhere you go.

Nice job by Randorf trying to save that one but the damage was done.

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  1. For the record, Panger works for Fox Sports St. Louis as a Blues colour guy.

  2. Hey, not every catchphrase is going to catch on.

  3. We in St.Louis have to put up with him every night. They ‘demoted’ Bernie Federko to bring in Panger and he just won’t shut up about everything but the game actually being played. Here are some of his favorites: Meat & Potatoes, The ‘Ol Nine of Hearts, And Why Wouldn’t You, Holy Jumpin, the list goes on. It gets old, very old, very fast. Every deke or move by players is the nine of hearts and every praise is a Holy Jumpin. Every comment to anything is a Why Wouldn’t you? John Kelly often looks at Panger as if he doesn’t know what he’s talking about either.

  4. A growl on means he’s hungry..

    To most casual fans they won’t get his “Panger-isms” but he has done color for over 100 Stanley cup playoff games. He’s one of the most sought after color guys in the NHL, and will be doing the Winter Classic(because he’s done it every year)

    St Louis is lucky to have him. He’s one of the only color guys to actually talk with the players about different equipment changes, and extra things off the ice. Like informing us about players backgrounds, what players know other teams players. Things away from the ice..

    I think he’s great for the NHL, not just because he gives my Fighting Sioux the respect…

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