As long as you can see his eyes you are safe

Nik Kronwall took some unjust heat from the Vancouver Canucks on Wednesday night after he laid out Ryan Kesler and didn’t fight him. Well, it turns out Kronwall is a pretty stand up guy. After verbally defending himself after the Canucks game, Kronwall went out to prove that he wasn’t simply picking on Kesler. No, Kronwall is a an equal opportunity bringer of pain.

Enter Tim Jackman.

In Thursday’s tilt against the Flames, Kronwall lays an identical hit on Jackman coming over the Calgary blueline with his head down. Jackman handles the hit a bit better as he got a great outlet pass up the ice, but that certainly didn’t make it hurt any less. Watch.

I’d say Kronwall has earned the Christmas break, no? At least opponents won’t have to worry about that for three days.