Dear Santa,

How are you? It has been a while since we last spoke. I saw you in the mall the other day, but the line to see you went all the way to The Gap and I was in a hurry. Also, my wife said it was a tad inappropriate for a 31 year old to sit on a grown man’s lap. I also haven’t written you a letter in a few years becasue I didn’t want to seem too selfish. I have already asked for and received many things amazing from you. Three Stanley Cups in 6 years for the Red Wings, for Nicklas Lidstrom to stop aging, a one-on-one interview with Steve Yzerman, you did it all!

Here I am now though and I know it’s very close to your big day,  but I have a list of things I would love for Christmas. Once again, I don’t want to be selfish so some things on this list are actually for other people. I have to warn you, they are not all material things. In fact some of them border on full blown miracles, but if anyone can do it, its you.

1) To all the Montreal Canadien fans (especially those planning a protest in the new year) , who are losing their minds becasue Randy Cunneyworth can’t speak french…can you give them a new brain? I know this one is tough, but when you give them that new brain make sure that it’s wired to realize that winning hockey games should be the number one goal.

2) While were on the topic, giving Randy Cunneyworth a win would REALLY help my argument.

3) My mom told me that she found a Christmas list that I wrote when I was a kid and it had “No-Touch Icing” on there, not to sound unappreciative  here, but what is taking so long?

4) A Red Ryder BB gun (I promise, I will not shoot my eye out)

5) There is only one thing that could make HBO 24/7 better, and you are the ONLY person who could do it. Can you please change it to 24/7/365

6) OK, that last one was a bit crazy, I will settle for a channel dedicated purley to following Ilya Bryzgalov around all day

7) Can you give Alexander Ovechkin the gift of a scoring touch? This one is good for him and me becasue, well, then we would have to keep talking about it.

8) Finally (you knew this was coming), I would love another Stanley Cup for the Red Wings, Vezina for Howard, Norris and Conn Smythe for Lidstrom,  Hart and Selke for Datsyuk, Jack Adams for Babcock, and the Presidents trophy. Either that or have the Leafs not make the playoffs (both bring me a ton of joy)


Let’s head to the links

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and Jeff Carter picked up a hat-trick in the first period last night…too bad they lost!