When news broke that Mad Mike Milbury was being charged with assault and battery of a 12 year old boy, it was immediately clear that we needed to learn more about the events that took place.

While Twitter did it’s usual thing in the wake of the breaking news, Barry Patchesky over at Deadspin made a few calls and found a few more facts for us.

It was at his son’s hockey game. He was breaking up a scrap with a kid and his son. It wasn’t as violent as it sounded.

Obviously, we all know Milbury from his many years of NHL involvment, so many of us are confident that he probably did overreact (including the whole “verbally berating a kid” thing), but it seemed almost impossible he did something to warrant Johnny Law getting involved.

And, sure enough, that’s the case – as TheBostonChannel.com shared earlier today, the charges against Mike Milbury have been dropped.

At a hearing Friday where police were seeking to charge him with assault and battery on a child, a clerk magistrate found there was no probable cause to bring charges against Millbury.

And thankfully so. It seemed a little over-cooked to begin with.

From Milbury:

“I am hoping this will absolve things, and I will get back to work in the next few days,” Milbury said after Friday’s hearing. “At this point, I am just thankful that the court ruled this way, and I am going to go home and get my voice ready to do some caroling.”

Caroling? Pics or it didn’t happen.

I disagree with Milbury just about every time he opens his mouth, but I’m still with Chris Botta on this one: