They're discussing the weather, surely

So, fighting is pretty up for debate these days, no? There’s obviously the question of the health risks, the fact it – strictly speaking – doesn’t add anything to the game, and a whole host of other reasons why people would like it gone. I get that. I enjoy a good scrap but I also hear a lot of reasons as to why it should be gone and I think, that makes a lot of sense too. Well, tonight’s Oilers-Wild game was clearly a vote for the “Keep Fighting” option in the poll.

Matt Kassian plays for the Minnesota Wild. You may not have known this because he A) is a fighter and B) plays for the Minnesota Wild who don’t get a ton of press. He’s a big guy who stands at 6-foot-4, 232 pounds. Tonight, he had a busy “Matt Kassian” type of night. Kassian played just 2:12. Kassian had a ten minute misconduct and two fights for 20 penalty minutes. Matt Kassian was named the first star.

Seriously, look:

Damning Evidence

Matt Kassian was named the first star of the night because he spent roughly ten times as much time in the penalty box as he did on the ice.


Some more worthy candidates: Mikko Koivu had a goal and an assist while Marek Zidlicky had three assists. The Wild’s (arguably) most important forward and defenceman both had better nights than Kassian. Fights entertain people, yes, but they don’t win you a game.

Here both of his tilts vs. Darcy Hordichuk:

For those of you willing to debate the “momentum” angle here: The Wild were outscored 1-0 after both of Kassian’s fights. Maybe instead of fighting we should look to get rid of the three stars altogether.