It’s not often that we, fans of the “New NHL” are greeted with a good old fashioned line brawl. In fact, if I recall correctly there has been a sharp decline ever since the introduction of a wall between the two penalty boxes.

In tonight’s tilt at the Nassau Coliseum, we had something sort of close to a line brawl I guess, maybe. Basically after Kyle Okposo took a lick from Lee Stempniak along the boards, the Isles took exception. Matt Moulson decided to take care of business with Stemper before Chris Butler and the other seven guys on the ice decided to get involved. Now, as far as the penalty breakdown goes it was pretty wild. You ready?

Matt Moulson – 4 minutes for roughing
Chris Butler – 2 minutes for roughing

Maybe I’m a little harsh given that I’ve embraced the Shanaban era, but this seems a little light. Take a look:

What do you think Backhand Shelf readers? The internet (read: Twitter) felt that this was a little lean. What do YOU think? I’m inclined to think Butler should have gotten at least four minutes for the unofficial “third man in rule.” I could be persuaded differently.