It’s not often that we, fans of the “New NHL” are greeted with a good old fashioned line brawl. In fact, if I recall correctly there has been a sharp decline ever since the introduction of a wall between the two penalty boxes.

In tonight’s tilt at the Nassau Coliseum, we had something sort of close to a line brawl I guess, maybe. Basically after Kyle Okposo took a lick from Lee Stempniak along the boards, the Isles took exception. Matt Moulson decided to take care of business with Stemper before Chris Butler and the other seven guys on the ice decided to get involved. Now, as far as the penalty breakdown goes it was pretty wild. You ready?

Matt Moulson – 4 minutes for roughing
Chris Butler – 2 minutes for roughing

Maybe I’m a little harsh given that I’ve embraced the Shanaban era, but this seems a little light. Take a look:

What do you think Backhand Shelf readers? The internet (read: Twitter) felt that this was a little lean. What do YOU think? I’m inclined to think Butler should have gotten at least four minutes for the unofficial “third man in rule.” I could be persuaded differently.

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  1. With the way the refs have treated the Isles all season long I’m just satisfied that Calgary didn’t wind up with a phantom 5 minute major PP.

  2. You know what? I like it. Yes, we’re all fans of the new NHL but handing over discipline to Shanaban and rule-making, at the expense of hockey’s longtime self-policing aspect, doesn’t seem to have diminished the incidence or severity of injuries. Everyone likes to talk about the equipment and players’ fitness as they key factors there, but if we had more line brawls, I wonder if that would undermine player’s enthusiasm for making big, borderline or completely-over-the-line hits. If I recall, I think this was what Mark Howe was arguing around the time of his HHOF induction. Which makes me think that in this case, the refs may have been supporting self-regulation over punitive action.

  3. Personally thought that Stempniak deserved two for charging. The puck is absolutely nowhere nearby, the Flames have possession (and got a good shot off the turnover), and he went out of his way to “finish his check.” Then, if you decide that Moulson is starting something he ought not to, give him four, and then ring up Butler for joining in. That puts Butler, Stempniak, Moulson, and mystery Islander in the box, teams skate five on five, and the players are released at the next stoppage after their full penalty time expires.

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