Pizzo’s Points: Jagr Returns

11 seasons

5 Art Ross Trophies

1 Hart Trophy

2 Lester B Pearson awards

2 Stanley Cups

You know what all of that will mean to  Penguin fans tonight? Absolutely jack squat!

Jaromir Jagr returns to Pittsburgh tonight and trust me, it will not be a warm welcome. Let’s try to put this into perspective. Imagine you dated someone for a long period of time. That person was the love of your life and you had many unforgettable moments  with this person, but for numerous reasons you decided to break up. You have bumped into each other over the years and while it was awkward, you acted in a civil manner. Then you start getting texts from this long lost love. You start talking on the phone on a frequent basis and for the first time in years, it started to feel like it did so long ago. You start talking about possibly getting back together and friends and family could not be more excited. Then just when you are ready to make it official, you call their house and not only does someone else answer the phone, but it’s the person you hate most in the world. That is a nutshell is the Jagr situation.

Now even though Jagr and the Flyers have tried to downplay the return, if history has taught us anything it definitely plays a factor in the outcome of the game. This is not the first time Jagr has faced his former team or returned to the city that he had so many great moments. Let’s take a look at how those turned out.

We will start with the times that Jagr has faced the Penguins at home (as a Capital,Ranger and Flyer)

Number of games: 22

Scoring: 12 goals, 15 assists, 27 points

Teams record: 14 wins, 6 losses, 2 ties

Not bad at all. In fact the last 7 times he welcomed his former team to town, his team won 6 of them.

However, when he heads back to the steel city it is a completely different story.

Number of games: 20

Scoring: 8 goals, 8 assists, 16 points

Teams record: 4 wins, 16 losses

That…is…ugly! Jagr teams have lost their last 9 trips to Pittsburgh and he put up just 4 points in those  games.

Jagr has thrived in Philly this year with 30 points in 31 games, but if I was a betting man (and yes I am), I’m definitely betting a few bucks on the Pens tonight.


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