Staubitz on the bench - home of his victims

There have been some bizarre penalties assessed this season. There have also been some bizarre non-calls. That being said, this series of calls/non-calls on Brad Staubitz really boggles my mind.

While being hooked from behind by Ben Eager, Staubitz carefully and patiently carries the puck up ice. Theo Peckham, a very large defenceman, sees Staubitz with his head down momentarily and tries to bury him. Upon being elbowed in the face while being hooked from behind, Staubitz buries Peckham in his own bench.

For his, albeit impressive, effort Staubitz received two minutes for roughing. I’m not entirely sure why given that he was following through on a defensive hit. Peckham got two for charging for trying to take Staubitz’s head off on the play so at what point was Staubitz the one being excessively rough?

You tell me.

I’ve never been entirely clear on what constitutes roughing in hockey. Lots of things are “rough” so at what point does it become roughing? I don’t know. I just disagree with Staubitz getting a penalty there.

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  1. When do you ever see a ref change his mind after putting his arm up? The right thing to do would have been to make up matching minors, like a charging call on Peckham or something, if he was determined to give Staubitz a penalty.

    Basically, it was a bad call. Nothing more.

  2. There were a few bad calls in this one (see: Justin Falk’s interference penalty with under 2 left in the game).

    I think that this one boiled down to Staubitz giving him a couple extra shots while Peckham was on the bench. If he just smiles and skates off, I don’t know that he gets two. (Disclaimer: I just watched the video again and the ref’s arm was up before Staubitz gave him a few extra shots. Don’t know what the hell he was thinking on that one.)

    The only thing I can think of was that the ref was hell bent on keeping control of the game (if that’s the case, maybe call the Oilers for sitting on Backstrom’s head during play instead of calling a clean check?), but that’s all I can come up with.

    • I think the ref’s arm initially went up to call Peckham for charging. I’m guessing the roughing call was for the extra shots at the end while Peckham was in the bench. Honestly, this doesn’t seem that controversial.

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