After a redeye flight, some lost sticks, being stuffed in a broom closet and multiple delays, it finally happened: Pizzo and I got out on the ice at Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia to play in the media game. We’ll run the highlights from our hard-fought battle tomorrow.

I realize our travel and the game made today a slow day on the blog, but do not fear: the next few days the blog is going to be packed with goodies, including  interviews with alumni, vodcasts with Pizzo and I, game footage, our year-end top-10 rundowns and more.

For now, we’ll greet you with our opening clip. Stay tuned in the coming days. We may just end up having fun.

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  1. That is what you two look like… what the hell?

    • Ha, I’m interested in this comment. Expectations were….?

      • JB looked just the way I expected. For some reason I expected Pizzo to look a bit further removed from high school =)

        Thanks for the vlogcast boys. Can’t wait to hear the first podcast after the Winter Classic.

  2. Hope you guys had a good skate. Looking forward to being at the Alumni game tomorrow myself!

  3. AWESOME vodcast guys! totally impressed.

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