As I Canadian kid from suburbia, I feel obligated to share this: I love rap music. Maybe that’s part of the reason why I think this is the best video theScore’s video department has ever put together, maybe it’s the sheer level of physicality in the video during our suspension-happy “be careful” hockey era, or maybe it’s a mix of both.

Whatever the reason, I’ll let the compilation speak for itself – if you like great hits, you’ll love this video.

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  1. Too Dion-centric. He takes himself way out of position on most of his big hits.

    Keith Ballard hit should have been number one. Nothing better than a great hip check.

  2. Ballard’s hit is textbook clipping, targeting the knees directly. (look at the point of impact)

  3. Personally my favorite was the flying McGinn…as a Sharks fan that hurts, but what an awesome bit of video :-)

  4. good video for the hits, but what I really took away from that was how frustrating it was that there was as much rapping as hitting. I liked the song, and think that it fit the video well, but why did I have to watch most of a shitty rap video?

    • Agreed. You may like the rap, but it would’ve been better to not see a shitty rap video interlaced with the hits. The song fit well, but would’ve probably been better to just have a longer countdown or something.

    • Couldn’t agree more. I came for the top 11 hits of the year, not a rap video.

  5. I agree with the first comment. Phaneuf has some big hits. But what is a big hit gonna do if you’re way out of position except give the other team a better chance at scoring? Ballard’s was probably the best, but I think Kronwall’s hits should have been higher.

  6. Fail (unless this was meant as the Dion Phanuef Show).

    You missed the #1 Hit of the season, even as noted on Jordin Tootoo sends Florida’s Michael Frolik head over heels back in January:

  7. I agree that Phaneuf takes himself out of position a lot for the big hit, but the last time I checked this wasn’t a list about the top “defensive” checks, it was the list for the best hits period. It’s entirely superficial, where we should be allowed to simply enjoy one man obliterating another (“cleanly”)!

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