One of my favourite things about watching an NHL practice are all the “stars: they’re just like us!” moments. There’s nothing better than watching the world’s greatest hockey players take part in like, the St. Louie drill or something else that qualifies as uber-basic. “Wait – those guys do that stuff too?”

I guess that’s why I found this particularly intriguing: it’s a short clip of Henrik Lundqvist and Marty Biron doing crease movements before practice.

These are the same crease movements you see in the AHL, ECHL, in college, in juniors, all the way down the line.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling, check ’em out - don’t forget to note how sick Biron’s Winter Classic pads are (below the video), and that he has an HBO 24/7 camera mounted on his head.

Very old school, very cool.


Oh hey, and look: it’s Braydon Coburn and his infant. This is how you know you have confidence in your skating ability.