If you missed it over the weekend, we ran a thoroughly entertaining compilation of the top 11 hits of 2011 (had to make it 11 thanks to a late addition).

Today we’re bringing you the top 10 goals from 2011, with the winner being so ridiculously nice that I doubt we’ll see one top it anytime soon.

Enjoy, and let us know - did we get it right?

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  1. I really wish these lists weren’t mixed with music videos that I have absolutely zero interest in watching

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIP0f2hYdtY

    How is that NOT on your list?

  3. Where’s the Kane shootout goal, Pouliot’s recent goal, and Perron’s goal in his first game back? Leaving some good ones out here…

  4. Good list. When it comes to these things the batting order really isn’t as important as making sure there isn’t a goal that shouldn’t have been left out. The only one I think you should have got in there was Toews game tying goal in Game 7 against Vancouver. Honestly that was the most clutch goal I saw all season.

  5. I like that there’s no shootout goals, but whats with all the individual efforts? whenever that happens, it’s more often a defensive embarrassment than anything (especially marchand’s goal) not saying I could do any of that, but I prefer a nice little tic tac toe to all that. also, go back and edit out all any appearance of gavin rossdale and the sound of his voice and i think the video is much better. no lyrics necessary

    • Yeah these are best individual effort goals not necessarily the best goals overall. Many times a great passing play for a goal is more impressive than a guy undressing a defender or two.

  6. sean averys was terrible, all he did was go top shelf, woo…..

  7. Sean Avery? Really?

  8. how the hell is THIS not in there?


  9. All are good choices but the Bobby Ryan goal doesn’t deserve #1. The d man was without a stick! Plus all the goals here were individual efforts and I would rather see some team effort goals i.e. no look passes, incredible dishes that lead to goals.

  10. Not much of a list. Not worth passing on. Take a better look around the league if you’re gonna call them the top goals of the year.

  11. I dont care what music you guys go with, but i’m not really interested in seeing a music video sprinkled with hits/goals. Keep the music in the background.

  12. I’m pretty sure Craig Simpson pulled his call for Marchand’s goal right from his EA Sports NHL days.

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