theScore video’s compilation videos are always something to look forward to, and this one doesn’t disappoint.

In the spirit of last night’s Winter Classic, we present the top-10 all-time Winter Classic moments.

What’s your take – did we get it right?


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  1. Umm, Lundqvist stopping a penalty shot with 19 seconds left to preserve a win doesn’t make the Top 10? Does not compute….

    • tbf it was a poor penalty shot

      • Agreed, but that’s sort of besides the point when looked at in terms of the drama it offered. I mean, somehow it couldn’t get past guys shoveling or wearing a tuque (the latter being very cool, of course)? First fight between two thugs…yippee!

    • I couldn’t agree more. That went straight to instant classics.

  2. As long as the tuque made it, I’m good :-)

  3. Should have had Crosby getting KO’d on there. Best Winter Classic moment I can think of!

    • Agreed. The day Pittsburgh and Gary Bettman wepted and the rest of the hockey world thanked the hockey gods for getting rid of Ms. Dive

  4. Are hats and masks really “moments?” How about Schenn’s first NHL goal, The Mike Rupp/John Erskine fight, Mike Rupp’s two goal performance (you’ve got Hudler’s), the Rangers come from behind victory, or the penalty shot with 19 seconds left — arguably just as dramatic as Crosby’s SO winner? Pretty weak if you ask me.

  5. How about the only Shutout ever posted in a outdoor game… Where’s the love for Kipper???

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