Terribly sad story out of Minnesota.

High school hockey player Jack Jablonski was playing for Benilde-St. Margaret’s when he was accidentally hit from behind into the boards, leaving him motionless on the ice.

What they thought was a bruised spine and two broken vertabrae turned out to be a severed spinal cord. He still hasn’t been able to move his legs, and they’re unsure if he’ll ever walk again.

I’ll keep this short: hockey is a small, strong community and we back each other up when bad things happen, just like we do on the ice.

You can donate to show your support here (for now your donation goes towards Caring Bridge, a platform for those going through tough times to share their stories and support one another. As soon as we find a place to donate to Jack and the family, we’ll post that. If anyone knows of a place where donations can be made directly to them, please share with us in the comment section). Others are already on board.

Benilde Hockey Player Has Severed Spinal Cord: MyFoxTWINCITIES.com

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  1. FYI- The proceeds from the link posted to donate will go to fund CaringBridge, not the Jablonski Family. Please follow Jack’s Caring Bridge site. I would expect info to be posted to Jack’s CB site soon in regards to where to send donations that will help the family defray their enormous medical costs. Thank you.

    CaringBridge provides an awesome service, free of charge, to help families in times of medical duress. CaringBridge has been an invaluable resource to me and my family as my son has a CaringBridge page. CaringBridge is funded in part by the Tributes donations like the one linked in the story above.

    Justin- Thank you for giving this story some run. It will be very helpful to the Jablonski Family. It is amazing how the tightly-knit hockey community can pull together in times of adversity. Also, hopefully CaringBridge will get some recognition for the incredible work it does to help families in very, very difficult times.

    • An account has been established at Wells Fargo Bank for the JACK JABLONSKI FUND. If you wish to donate something towards Jack’s future needs, you can send your donations to:

      Jack Jablonski Fund
      P.O. Box 16387
      St. Louis Park, MN 55416-2618

      You may also make your donations at any Wells Fargo Bank. Please mention “Jack Jablonski Fund”.

  2. @-2244 the post has been reflected to show that, thanks for your help.

  3. Scary/unfortunate deal indeed. I had a very close friend in Robbie Bina, while playing for the Fighting Sioux, was checked from behind by Geoff Paukovich. At the time we all feared the worst for Robbie. His spinal chord injury wasn’t as bad as this, nevertheless all of us in the North Dakota/Minnesota areas will be praying for the Jablonski Family.

  4. When I was a kid, the phrase ‘hitting from behind’ wan’t ever spoken. Nobody hit from behind.

    With bigger and faster players at all levels today (and possibly with less respect for the opponent) the rink is turning into a much more frightening place. Hockey is a great game. From the NHL on down it needs to be kept great by enforcing stricter penalties for hits from behind, hits to the head, and fighting. Otherwise we are headed for more and more stories like this.

    Boot a player out of a game for first dangerous hit. Suspend him for a week for the next one. Third time? He’s out for the season. Period.

  5. I agree, I think there needs to be more awareness and education on the issue. I remember when I was a couple teams always had the miniature stop signs right above the name on the back of jerseys, I always thought that was a neat idea. The education part comes back to the coaches. Coaches need to chill with the whole “Go out there and hit somebody” thing and spend the time to teach kids how to take and give proper hits.

    I hope the kid ends up alright. Donating a little later.

  6. He is a perfect cannidate for stem cell replacement. He willl walk again.

  7. Couple of random thoughts about this story-

    The way so many people have come together to rally around this young man and his family has been unbelievable. As many of you have read by now, it seems worst fears may be realized here. Jack was mentioned multiple times on the Wild broadcast vs Vancouver last night. Canuck Andrew Alberts, a Benilde St. Margaret’s alum, Jack’s school- was interviewed between periods and gave a shout-out to Jack and his family. Many NHL hockey players past and present have signed Jack’s CaringBridge guestbook. This outpouring of support makes me very proud to be a member of the “hockey community.”

    Ridding our great game of dangerous hits needs to be a collaborative effort. It has to start at the top with governing bodies such as USA Hockey, Hockey Canada, NFHS, etc and work its way down. Coaches need to be given the proper tools and resources to teach players proper form in taking a check as well as giving one. Players need to learn to protect themselves and their opponents on the ice. Guys have to approach the boards at safer angles. Many dangerous hits emanate from the player getting hit taking a perpendicular line as they approach the boards, leaving themselves vulnerable to being t-boned head-first into the wall. Officials need to enforce rules properly. Assess the proper penalties. A check from behind is by USA Hockey rule a minimum of a 2 minute minor and a 10 minute misconduct. Don’t take the easy way out and call a minor only for boarding.

    I am convinced that with the right level of cooperation and education- governing bodies, coaches, players, and officials- can all work together to make the greatest game in the world as safe as humanly possible.

  8. Are thoughts and prayers are with you Jack Jablonski here in Cloquet. It is unfortunate to see this happen to you or any other kid. I and everyone in Cloquet have been affected and have thought of you in our community. Everyone at the Cloquet Middle School is praying that you come out of surgery fine.

    Thoughts and Prayers are for you.

    -Zach Lahti and everyone else at the Cloquet Middle School and the Cloquet community.

  9. Wells Fargo bank is accepting donations to the Jack Jablonski fund. I’ve heard you can donate at any Wells Fargo bank or send donations to a specific one.

  10. My thoughts & prayers are going out to Jack & his family & friends , keep the faith

  11. Please spread the word about Jack Jablonski in an effort to raise as many charitable contributions as possible! I’m linking to many stories about hockey safety concerns in general, and Jack specifically on http://HockeyBias.com.

    As of now, you can EASILY donate to his medical expense fund ONLINE at http://www.jabby13.com/

    Thank you!

  12. I have had 3 children play hockey when they were young. Like many others,I have been so moved by this tragic story; I can’t get it out of my mind and heart! I have encouraged family & friends to donate to Wells Fargo banks % Jack Jablonski fund.
    We’re all hoping for a miracle!

  13. This is mist unfortunate, but our society is to blame. We buy hockey tickets for the violence, not for the beauty of the sport. About 30 years ago, in Russia, my coach told us: “If you must win by illegal checking, then you are not a good player, go and practice an extra hour.” Elbows had to be attached to our sides before we could check. If an elbow separated from our body by even an inch during checking, we would be disciplined (the discipline included physical punishment, so that we would not hurt others). These unfortunate boys (the victim, the aggressor, and all others playing today) think “this is all part of the game.”.

    They are gravely mistaken. These unnecessary rough techniques are part of the moneymaking tactics of the owners and sponsors. The game has only one legal way fo checking. The true sport does not condone a stick betwen he oher player’s skates when chasing the other player from behind.

    I stopped playing after my recreatiobal buddies began immitating he NHL roughness and dangerous/illegal (though borderline) tactics. I stopped watching NHL games a long time ago, because the last elegant player retired (Gretzky – best player and no violence).

    If we only stop going to the games and stop supporting he violent.hanges that came about in the last 30 years, we can perhaps prevent fuure suvh tragedies.

    Again, the violence, including.hecking from behind, is not part of.he sport. How do you check legally from behindand still hope to.gain the puck? How do you approach fast and turn to your side to.check legally (whem he person in front of.you is charging bent forward- you have no.hope of contacting your shoder with the other player’s upper body, lest you yourself lunge and fall or perform an illegal check).

    As much as I love hockey and was going to enroll my 4-year old, after reading about Jack’ s misfortune, I decided that my son can do.without hockey and Colorado hockey can do without my son.

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