Phaneuf high five's his shot blocking machine

It was undoubtedly a scary moment for Leafs fans and general observers tonight when Toronto captain (and non-Senator All-Star!) Dion Phaneuf recorded a blocked shot. The unscary part is that he blocked the shot. The scary part is that he did it with his face, unintentionally at that.

Phaneuf was engaged with Nik Antropov (Toronto, you can release your misguided anger now) in front of the Leafs goal. When he turned to get square with the shooter, an Andrew Ladd slapshot came up and hit Phaneuf in the face. In fact, it hit him so hard that you can actually see part of his helmet break off.

It’s pretty remarkable that Phaneuf wasn’t hurt on the play and even more remarkable that he went off the ice under his own strength pretty nonchalantly as if he had only cut himself shaving, even though he was clearly spitting blood.

See for yourself…

For those of you who really concerned for Dion here it should put your mind at ease that he’s going home tonight where he will be tended to by Elisha Cuthbert. Elsewhere, Sean Avery is in the AHL. Karma lives.