So THAT's why brown pads aren't a thing anymore

Ilya Bryzgalov caused quite a stir when he took his new found fame to new heights and announced that he would be riding the pine during the Winter Classic against the New York Rangers in favour of Sergei Bobrovsky. Now, the not-very-serious part of me wondered aloud what happens to all of that equipment Bryz got specially made for the game.

It’s obviously one thing if Bobrovsky’s equipment doesn’t get used because he’s a backup goalie. Marty Biron’s Winter Classic mask is fantastic but he hasn’t had a chance to wear it because he’s Marty Biron and this Henrik Lundqvist guy seems to run the show on Broadway. Bryzgalov not playing is a big deal because he’s a big deal and therefore him not being able to wear the equipment which was made for him is a big deal.

Well, Bryz recognizes this problem and he’ll be damned if he can’t play in his cool new stuff. As a result, he went out tonight AND… played in his new stuff. Indoors.

Here he is taking warmup.

Now that we’ve seen what Bryzgalov would have looked like had he not had his Earl Grey tea on the end of the bench, the universe, in all of its glory, is at peace.