(Author’s note: Be sure to check back a little later on because Justin Bourne will have his episode 4 recap up, and we will also do our final 24/7 wrap up podcast today) 

Have you ever gone to a hockey game with some friends and with about 1 minute left in a game that’s pretty much out of reach the following conversation takes place:

Friend #1: Let’s head out and try to beat the crowd

Friend #2: No way, I want to see who the Three Stars are

That’s where we are right now with HBO’s 24/7. I know it’s done, but we can’t ignore the three guys who stood out during our 4 episode peak at the Rangers and Flyers

3rd Star- Mike Rupp

There always has to be one non-superstar who really comes to the forefront and let’s us all know what he is really like. This season, that guy was Rupp. The guy is a veteran of HBO seeing as he experienced it with the Penguins last year, but he really stood out this season. What really put him into top 3 contention was his “You are fucking irrelevant” chirp on Jody Shelly. Then he cemented his place when he pulled the old Jagr-Salute at the Winter Classic. Amazing.

2nd Star- Claude Giroux

Giroux was a perfect example of how when most players speak to the media, we are getting their “representative”. His true personality comes out on the ice and HBO caught it for us. It started when we heard his pre-faceoff conversation with Steve Ott in Episode 3, and it went over the top in Episode 4 when he let the Rangers know that he was not a fan of Rupp’s “Jagr salute” celebration. This is not a Giroux we are used to seeing and that’s what makes him star #2.

1st Star- Ilya Brygavlov

How could it not be? Some people thought he was playing up to the cameras, others thought he was trying to hog the attention, either way it was extremely entertaining. Without Bryz, we would have no idea when we could kill a Tiger and not get the death penalty for it, we would think a husky is just a dog and not a hot girl, and we would have no idea what the actual size of the universe is. Put it this way, the term “Humangus Big” is now a part of hockey pop culture and I love it.

Some Honourable Mentions

John Tortorella and Peter Laviolette- The dropped enough F-bombs to make Eddie Murphy blush. And who could forget Laviolette’s little run in with Steve Ott.

Jaromir Jagr- Chirping Giroux, telling Bryzgalov to go away, showing some personalty….Jagr stepped up in  my book.

HBO- For the second straight year I say this: Thank you!


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