You know he's not at top speed because you can see him

Phil. Kessel.

There’s the sneaking suspicion that Kessel is just going to stop scoring one of these days. After all, for a guy who has been consistently ripped for happening to be part of a trade which sent two first rounders to Boston, things have never exactly been easy even though his talent is very evident. What is often forgotten though is the fact he is just 24 (!) years old. Is he Sidney Crosby good? No. But is he starting to round into form as a top tier hockey player? Absolutely.

Kessel showed off his killer goal scoring ability earlier tonight when he pulled away from the pack to create a breakaway, drew a penalty shot and scored on said penalty shot. For a guy who isn’t necessarily automatic in the shootout, this was a pretty solid move.

When you think about what Lupul and Kessel have done with fairly interchangeable players at center, you can only imagine what they’d be capable of with a truly elite player between them.

In other news, Jimmy Howard would like his jock back.