A real heavyweight fight here

Apparently if you played for the Phoenix Coyotes at some point in time you never had any love lost with any fellow members of the organization. Danny Briere and Kyle Turris never played together, nor do they have any prior history that I know of. What I do know is that they weren’t getting along today (a Saturday).

As you will see momentarily these two gentlemen got tangled up behind the play and Briere obviously got agitated with Turris. As a result of the entanglement, Briere, trailing Turris, felt compelled to take is stick – blade up – put it between Turris’ legs and pull back. (Writer’s note: This isn’t a pleasant experience.) Turris, naturally unhappy with Briere’s amateur surgery, cross-checked Briere while he was down on the ice. Briere was slow to get up, though he returned to action soon after.

With some residual anger kicking around the two decided to fight it out like every other self-respecting, crotch-spearing, cross-checking bunch of individuals would. Watch.

I’m going to score this tilt in favour of Briere here for two reasons.
1) He gives up three inches and subsequent wingspan to Turris and still holds his own.
2) He had a hat trick which is way more awesome than any fight that will ever involve Danny Briere or Kyle Turris