In a real Chara vs. Bieksa/Burrows/Hamhuis fight, I'll take Chara

So, you may recall that the Canucks and Bruins played a somewhat interesting series of games in June. This of course was a mild mannered affair in which no rivalries, personal or otherwise, were formed and everyone left as friends to grab a beer and bask in each other’s company.

In an unexpected twist the NHL’s Stanley Cup final was played between the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins over the course of seven games which featured biting, concussions, dives, punches, and a whole lot of hatred between the two teams and culminated in a city rioting. This was a substantially more interesting series than the fake and very hypothetical one I referred to above.

Today, the (NHL) Canucks and Bruins renewed acquaintances in Boston and it was a little… chaotic. Let’s start with a brawl for good measure.

Obviously this was spurred by a Thornton/Burrows encounter and exacerbated by everyone else. Note the appearance of Milan Lucic – better angle here – comes as a surprise given that he appeared to be on the bench to join the fight. We know that this generally results in a suspension but it appears as though Lucic will get off here as the NHL has deemed that the result of a line change in which he hadn’t fully left the ice. Therefore, no suspension.


No word on whether or not Henrik Sedin will be suspended for leaving the fight for the bench. (Let the record show I have provided the obligatory Sedin twin joke.)


Brad Marchand went a little – okay, a lot – low on Sami Salo today in a very dangerous play. For those of you unfamiliar with Salo, he has a noted injury history. At any rate, Marchand was given a five minute major for clipping, which is a rare call outside of football, and a game misconduct.

With both of these teams rolling the way they are we would all be in for a real treat if they met again in the Cup finals – I don’t think that will happen, for what it’s worth but stay with me here. Here we have two teams with a genuine distaste for each other. Not media created hate (ie. Caps/Pens) but genuine can’t stand each other hate. For whatever reason, the league doesn’t seem to have the many truly intense rivalries of yesteryear – the Canucks are in two of the most interesting ones with the Bruins and Blackhawks – which makes games like these all the more interesting.

If we could just leave the dirty play on the sidelines, we’d be in for an all-time great clash.