The last thing Anton Lander saw before his face started hurting

We have yet another hit for Brendan Shanahan to consider as Steve Ott made contact with Anton Lander’s head in today’s Stars-Oilers tilt.

In the realm of who Brian Burke might distinguish as a rat vs. those who are not rats, Steve Ott is in some sort of nebulous zone between the two. On one hand, he has a lot of the rattish qualities we’ve come to expect from the Dan Carcillo’s of the world. On the other, he does actually provide value as a two-way forward.

Take a look at this hit and pass along your opinion.

I don’t think Ott gets suspended for this hit, mainly because I have a hard time distinguishing if he was targeting Lander’s head or if he was simply trying to play bigger on Lander at a bad time and caught his head.

I’m open to your interpretations.