Well, he finally did it folks. Jarome Iginla, face of the Calgary Flames, finally notched goal number 500 to put a big number on a distinguished career. It certainly wasn’t the prettiest goal he ever scored, but it’ll count nonetheless.

Iginla crosses the Wild blueline down the right wing and throws the puck in front of the net where it takes a Calgary bounce past Backstrom and into the Minnesota goal.

Take a look and enjoy the moment Flames fans.

To give you a sense of how big this milestone is for hockey players we appeal to Paul Bissonnette, hockey god in the making:

Not too shabby, Jarome.

It’s hard to understate how nice it is that Jarome hit this plateau at home. With nonstop trade speculation that Iginla is on his way out of Calgary it would have been a shame had he not been able to set the mark with the Flames. Don’t be shocked if Jarome goes on a tear now that he finally has this monkey lifted off of his back.

After all, we know how good he is at setting up the play.