Only a bad carpenter blames his tools

If you were looking for the low point on the L.A. Kings season it is no longer up for debate. This team has dealt with key injuries, wretched inconsistency, a coaching change, and the hire of a Sutter (yikes). There has been that hope all season long that they will just figure it out. This team is absolutely loaded with talent up and down the lineup. Jonathan Quick and Jonathan Bernier are one of the top goaltending tandems in hockey.

Tonight the Kings were shutout by the Columbus Blue Jackets. The score was 1-0. No, seriously, look.

What do we make of this? I have absolutely no idea. I want to believe this team can put it together because they have so many great players. There aren’t many teams which can cope with a Kopitar-Richards tandem. If I could clone Dustin Brown 23 times and make an entire team out of him, I would. Watching Drew Doughty makes me wish I had an actual talent for something beyond not sleeping. My Doughty envy is enhanced by the fact that we’re within a few days of being the same age. This team should be good. This team should be a Cup contender.

Let’s be clear here – all is not lost. A couple wins in a row and all of a sudden they’re in the top half of the Western Conference. That’s just the nature of the NHL right now. At the end of the day, you need to look beyond the record because this team has been good for a while now. The goal isn’t making the playoffs, the goal is winning a championship. If you are going to lose a game because your opponent scored three goals, you are not good enough. That’s what the Kings are right now.

Sometime you need to hit rock bottom before you can put it all back together. Granted, the Kings are 6-1-3 in their last 10 which is great, full credit to them. That being said, an angry hockey team is a dangerous hockey team.

If the Kings aren’t angry about losing 1-0 to an NHL laughingstock, it’s going to be a very long summer.