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Co-host (AKA the-guy-who-keeps-things-moving) Rob Pizzo came down with a bug of some sort this weekend, so unfotunately he wasn’t able to join me on the podcast today.

I took over his role for a day, and was joined by Jake Thompson, a producer with theScore television, and Derek Snider, who’s an oh-so-important manager of content with us (he also has glorious hair). They were both predictably great.

Tune in below to hear us discuss:

* Scott Arniel got fired, but only because Columbus has been horrible all season

* The Bruins/Canucks old-school game on Saturday

* The Marchand on Salo hit

* Would those teams work on 24/7?

* Which NHL teams have the most beerability

* The top few names on the NHL beerability scale

* And as always, plenty more.

You can listen to it here:

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Comments (4)

  1. I can see Ryan Smyth having a high beerability rating. I’m not sure if he has been mentioned before, but I bet he would be a fun guy to have a few with. Thoughts?

  2. On a team perspective: The Winnipeg Jets

  3. Wasn’t Darryl Sutter GM of the Flames when he was releaved of duties mid season last year?

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