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theScore’s video team is back with two more installments of our show Face Paint today, bringing you up-close and personal looks at the masks of Jonathan Quick and Corey Schneider.

Both masks are tributes back to goalies of old, with one major difference: Corey Schneider made the wise decision to not go with the hair-and-ears look that some tendy’s have been taking to lately.

Up first is Schneider, then Quick. We need you to weigh in on this: are you pro hair-and-ears, or no?

Corey Schneider:


And next, Jonathan Quick:

Yep, no doubt about it for me – the hair-and-ears look is interesting, but just way too creepy.

Comments (3)

  1. For a regular game mask, the hair and ears looks creepy.

    However, a Winter/Heritage classic mask with the hair/ears would go well as the teams usually rock a vintage look anyway.

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