Above: two skill players

So, for all the hype generated tonight about the Halak/Price “rivalry” (spoiler alert: Halak wins) the game between the Blues and Canadiens got chippy with plenty of after the whistle action, hard fought scrums and some BIG hits. The two biggest hits of the night came courtesy of P.K. Subban and T.J. Oshie.

I don’t know what it is about using initials instead of a first name which compelled these players to throw their weight around in this fashion, but I’m glad they did. First up for you consideration is PK bringing the hammer down on Barret Jackman of the Blues.

Next up we have Oshie rocking Raphael Diaz over the middle of the ice.

Oshie’s hit is definitely closer to the realm of “dirty” given that Diaz was engaged with a backchecker and it could be argued that he hit him from the blindside. What do you think, Backhand Shelfers? Dirty?