Poor Steve Downie... Ok, bad example

You may have heard, but the Vancouver Canucks were involved in a bit of a dust up the other day. From said incident, resulted in a suspension of Brad Marchand, a lot of really bad blood, a Sami Salo concussion, and a whole bunch of people voicing their opinions when they probably shouldn’t.

My opinion from the Bruins game which definitely puts me in the majority: the Marchand hit was dirty. I don’t care how he rationalizes it, I don’t care how his employers rationalize it and I certainly don’t care how his fans rationalize it. It. was. dirty.

The Canucks, of course, agree with this point of view. Yet, in all of their infinite wisdom, when they finally have the opportunity to gain some favor from NHL fans at-large, they go and seriously toe the line.

First up we have a “low” hit from Dan Hamhuis Kevin Bieksa.

Now, strictly speaking, I don’t think there was anything wrong with this hit attempt from Hamhuis Bieksa. Optically, it looks bad given that his teammate is out with a concussion due to a similar hit. It also probably isn’t helped by the fact that Hamhuis has been accused of being a hypocrite before It was Bieksa and I made an error. At any rate, the hit didn’t hurt any one which is lucky for Hamhuis Bieksa.

Thought experiment: If he hits Moore clean there and hurts him because he faceplants, does he get a suspension? Based on that Shanny video from the Marchand play, I’m tempted to say ‘yeah, he might.’

For another ambiguous play we have an Alex Edler hit on Steven Stamkos. Stamkos left the ice injured from this hit, but did return for the third period. Give me your thoughts here:

Some initial reactions to this hit:
- I don’t like that Edler seems more interested in making contact with Stamkos than playing the puck. Typically speaking in this situation you try and play the puck up the sideboards or send it around back. Stamkos isn’t going to bury Edler here, that’s not his game.

-From a Vancouver perspective I don’t like the fact he played the puck to Marty St. Louis in the circle.

- The elbow looks like it pops up but I think it may actually be the shoulder blade that makes contact. The way it catches Stamkos either way is a dangerous motion, but that’s not necessarily Edler’s fault.

-If Stamkos ever gets hurt long term, we will all be beyond redemption.

My point with this line of thought is this: for a team which has been pretty public with its displeasure in hits against its players, the Canucks have this insane ability to toe the line. While neither of these were (strictly speaking) illegal, if I’m Alain Vigneault going forward I’m telling my guys to keep the arms down and hits above the waist for the next couple of weeks. Regardless of however you saw the Boston shenanigans outside of Marchand (because that was absolutely dirty) the Canucks did play a part, and are most likely being watched closely by the NHL.

Maybe I’m wrong. What say you, Backhand Shelfers? Let the world know. I will sit here and refresh the comments in anticipation of getting ripped for this, that or the other thing because I’ve got a feeling I’m putting myself out there.

I’d like to reiterate however: If Stamkos ever gets hurt long term, we will all be beyond redemption.

We can all agree on that.