Tough save.

Rob Pizzo made his triumphant return to the podcast after getting over his mild case of ebola or something…I wasn’t listening to him all that closely.

He obviously had lots of time to watch TV while he was out, so he took us through some solid topics.

We discussed:

* Halak returned to Montreal and shut them out

* Shawn Thornton surprised Vancouver writer Tony Gallagher on-air for an awkward segment

* Wojtek Wolski and his possible conditioning stint

* Great back-up goalies

* Pens vs. Caps….to stay in the playoff hunt?

* And much more.

Listen to it here:

Download it here, and subscribe on iTunes here.

Comments (3)

  1. Those @#$% in Boston not telling Gallagher ahead of time that Thornton was in studio was the journalistic version of Mar-chumps hit on Salo!
    Was awkwardly funny though! Now that Thornton has fought a whole team, and so many guy’s in one period, what’s next……..Shawn vs. a Grizzly Bear! “It may dis-embowel me, but I’ll stand in there like a man!”

  2. For the record, I find the Canucks completely endearing.

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