In theory, it’s quite possible. Actually, it’s quite logical.

The fine writers over at released their take on who should be in, and who should be out for the 2012 NHL all-star game in Ottawa, and Ovy was the noticeable abscence. He’s become a name you just assume will be a part of the event no matter what kind of season he’s having.

But if you really look at his numbers and the way things shake down…is it possible to justify having him in the game this year? I’m not so sure it is.

It’s tough to argue with the list that left him on the outside looking in. Here’s Corey Masisak explaining the rules they went by to create it:

All 30 NHL teams are [to be] represented, and players who might be injured and miss the weekend were not penalized — there were some near-misses who will prove to be fine injury replacements.

Seguin has 38 points in 38 games.

In reality there will be injuries and a few extra players will get in, but it’s still interesting to take a look at things if everyone were healthy.

Think about it – with the fact that every team has to be represented (as Masisak mentioned) and with Nicklas Backstrom clearly outplaying Ovechkin for the majority of the season, who do you take out from another team to make room for him? (Again, the list is here.)

Errr……yeah. Nobody. All of those guys are deserving.

And while he’s been hot of late, look at some of the names who aren’t on that list who could (should?) get in ahead of him:

Patrick Kane’s not on it, and he’s ahead of Ovy in scoring by five points.

Corey Perry, last year’s MVP isn’t on it, and he’s ahead of Ovy in points too.

Scott Hartnell’s not on it, and he’s got four points more than Ovy.

Tyler Seguin? Jamie Benn? Anze Kopitar? Kris Versteeg? All things equal, wouldn’t all those guys get in before him?

I say yes, but I’m also aware of the reality: all things aren’t equal. I still think the NHL will find a way.

Today’s the day the NHL all-star list comes out, and when it does, I wouldn’t be shocked to see his name wedged in there somewhere (and if it is, would he overtake Dion Phaneuf as the League’s #1 most overrated player? Likely). He’s Alex Freaking Ovechkin. He’s just too big of a name for them to leave out of the event.

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  1. All Star selections shouldn’t be based on points alone….besides Canadians hate him.

    • Canadians hate who, Ovechkin? Speak for yourself buddy! Personally, both myself and almost everyone I know is a big Ovy fan and Crosby hater. And I live in Ottawa! Most of the Canadians I know love fast, physical hockey. I definitely recognize Crosby as an incredible talent, definitely one of the greatest in the game (maybe ever?) but that doesn’t mean I have to live him hehe. Especially the way the Pens-Caps rivalry was played up a few years ago, there was really a lot of pressure to choose a side.


  2. Ovechkin should be there regardless of the season he is having. For now, he is still one of the biggest stars in the game (not necessarily a dominant player, but a star).

    If I’m a 10 year old kid I probably won’t care that I saw Hartnell in the midst of a career season, or a young Jamie Benn…….. you want to see the Ovechkins, Lidstroms, Datsyuk, Perry, Sedin twins, etc…

    I couldn’t tell you

  3. ……..couldn’t tell you who was the most deserving 1999-00 All-Star but I can list off the players from that generation I would’ve of wanted to see at the ASG.

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