So let’s say that earlier today you got the call – “Hey, Tabatha (or whatever), you’ve been selected to play in the NHL All-Star Game. Do you accept, or are you 41 years old and in need of rest?” To which you reply “I’m good to go, where is it? Oh…..ahh….okay, I guess I’m still in.”

You hang up the phone, flop on the couch and take a few minutes to think about it….hey….I wonder who I’ll get to play with?

Every year (save for this one) this has been what Rick Nash and a host of other good players on bad teams have experienced.

If I’m one of those players this year and looking at who’s in the 2012 all-star game, here’s my dream scenario for the draft, and eventually my linemates:


Claude Giroux

The easy pic would be to say the Sedins, and snag a half dozen points and a few backdoor tap-ins, but that’s no fun. Did you see Giroux on 24/7? Dude was chirping at Brian Boyle, Henrik Lundqvist and Steve Ott. I’m looking to have a good time in this game, get some points and have some laughs. Giroux’s my first pick.



Pavel Datsyuk

I took care of the fun factor and talent with Giroux, now I want to take care of my stats. I want to have score a goal I didn’t know I was going to score because the great Datsyuk banks one in off my stick when I’m near the net. I can’t imagine a better linemate. If given the chance, I’d kill to play with him.

<— (Such a rad picture.)


Justin Bourne

Hey, I have to play somewhere on this line.


Keith Yandle

While I admire big Zdeno Chara, I have no need for his defensive presence, size, or any other intangibles. He’s very good offensively, but I want a fast, smart puck mover if we’re gonna play some pond hockey (and we are). Yandle has great vision, a great shot, and isn’t wasting any time in an all-star game on that “defense” garbage.


Brian Campbell

As my junior coach phrased it when we were desperate for offense, “we’re going fourty-one thuder[truck]” – as in, four guys up, one back, all offense all the time. It was tempting to take Shea Weber and his shot, but Campbell’s go-go-go style of play would appeal to me more.

By the way: am I crazy, or is the d-corps at the all-star game kinda weak? Past Chara, Weber and Suter you have: Byfuglien, Wideman, Timonen, Girardi, Edler, and the two guys I just named. I’m they’re great players, but I dunno. Not that impressive this year for being some of the best in the world.


Tim Thomas


You saw my beerability list – I think that guy is awesome. Not to mention he likes to have a good time on the ice, so I could see him bailing my line out with some crazy two-pad jammer when we’re not backchecking. And hey, who doesn’t like watching that?


By the way, my all-time list:

Patrick Roy in net, Bobby Orr and Nick Lidstrom on D, and of course, Gretzky and Lemieux on my line.  Gotta pick those guys, don’t you?

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  1. with Lemieux and Gretz on your line what are you going to do? I would pick Oates to pass me the biscuit for tap ins.

  2. Okay, you can have your all-time list there with only one Montreal great, but I think an all-Habs team would be just as good.

    -Jacques Plante; great goalie, plus he could knit you a tuque for the next heritage classic
    -Doug Harvey; pioneered the quarterback position on the ice, and could play better drunk than most guys could sober
    -Serge Savard; mainly for the Savardian-spineramas, since this is the all-star game.
    -Jean Beliveau; hockey’s greatest ever ambassador. He just oozes class.
    -Rocket Richard; where Beliveau oozes class, Richard oozed passion.

    The only one I’m not sure of there is Savard…I’d take Robinson for a normal game, I think, but Savard for the all-star game. Unless the game was against Boston, then I’d probably want Sprague Cleghorn.

    • Although in hindsight I was a career stay-at-home Dman (picture a 6’0″, 150 lbs Hal Gill…) so maybe replace Savard with Lafleur, Cournoyer or Boom Boom.

  3. Like your all time list, but I’d go with Coffey instead of Lidstrom because, as you said, there aint gonna be no defense played.

  4. I just don’t understand. Why would you pick Roy over Hasek? Hasek’s funnier, had better stats, and pulled off crazier saves!

  5. Can’t think of a team in the league that Edler, Yandle, Girardi and Timonen wouldn’t play in top 3, most teams they would be top pair. Not that weak, just underrated.

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