So let’s say that earlier today you got the call – “Hey, Tabatha (or whatever), you’ve been selected to play in the NHL All-Star Game. Do you accept, or are you 41 years old and in need of rest?” To which you reply “I’m good to go, where is it? Oh…..ahh….okay, I guess I’m still in.”

You hang up the phone, flop on the couch and take a few minutes to think about it….hey….I wonder who I’ll get to play with?

Every year (save for this one) this has been what Rick Nash and a host of other good players on bad teams have experienced.

If I’m one of those players this year and looking at who’s in the 2012 all-star game, here’s my dream scenario for the draft, and eventually my linemates:


Claude Giroux

The easy pic would be to say the Sedins, and snag a half dozen points and a few backdoor tap-ins, but that’s no fun. Did you see Giroux on 24/7? Dude was chirping at Brian Boyle, Henrik Lundqvist and Steve Ott. I’m looking to have a good time in this game, get some points and have some laughs. Giroux’s my first pick.



Pavel Datsyuk

I took care of the fun factor and talent with Giroux, now I want to take care of my stats. I want to have score a goal I didn’t know I was going to score because the great Datsyuk banks one in off my stick when I’m near the net. I can’t imagine a better linemate. If given the chance, I’d kill to play with him.

<— (Such a rad picture.)


Justin Bourne

Hey, I have to play somewhere on this line.


Keith Yandle

While I admire big Zdeno Chara, I have no need for his defensive presence, size, or any other intangibles. He’s very good offensively, but I want a fast, smart puck mover if we’re gonna play some pond hockey (and we are). Yandle has great vision, a great shot, and isn’t wasting any time in an all-star game on that “defense” garbage.


Brian Campbell

As my junior coach phrased it when we were desperate for offense, “we’re going fourty-one thuder[truck]” – as in, four guys up, one back, all offense all the time. It was tempting to take Shea Weber and his shot, but Campbell’s go-go-go style of play would appeal to me more.

By the way: am I crazy, or is the d-corps at the all-star game kinda weak? Past Chara, Weber and Suter you have: Byfuglien, Wideman, Timonen, Girardi, Edler, and the two guys I just named. I’m they’re great players, but I dunno. Not that impressive this year for being some of the best in the world.


Tim Thomas


You saw my beerability list – I think that guy is awesome. Not to mention he likes to have a good time on the ice, so I could see him bailing my line out with some crazy two-pad jammer when we’re not backchecking. And hey, who doesn’t like watching that?


By the way, my all-time list:

Patrick Roy in net, Bobby Orr and Nick Lidstrom on D, and of course, Gretzky and Lemieux on my line.  Gotta pick those guys, don’t you?