Max Talbot wasn't this happy post-hit

Eye-rollers get ready because here is your nightly dirty hit post from me. This one is much less debatable in my opinion and I fully expect Steve Staios to get some time in the press box as a reprimand. Max Talbot takes a shot directly to the head here from a Staios elbow.

Talbot was pretty vocal about his displeasure on this one, as he told Sarah Baicker of CSNPhilly:

“I had zero idea,” said a visibly displeased Talbot after the Flyers’ 3-2 victory over the Islanders. “I think that’s what we’re trying to stop in the NHL … shots like that, head shots. I had no time to react and I felt the point of contact was my head. I didn’t see the replay, but from what I felt it was a pretty dangerous hit. We’ll see what happens.”

Take a look:

It’s a little frustrating that Staios, who has had concussions in the past, would take such a clear run at someone’s head on this play. Given that he’s not a repeat offender in the NHL’s books I wouldn’t expect more than two games.