Max Talbot wasn't this happy post-hit

Eye-rollers get ready because here is your nightly dirty hit post from me. This one is much less debatable in my opinion and I fully expect Steve Staios to get some time in the press box as a reprimand. Max Talbot takes a shot directly to the head here from a Staios elbow.

Talbot was pretty vocal about his displeasure on this one, as he told Sarah Baicker of CSNPhilly:

“I had zero idea,” said a visibly displeased Talbot after the Flyers’ 3-2 victory over the Islanders. “I think that’s what we’re trying to stop in the NHL … shots like that, head shots. I had no time to react and I felt the point of contact was my head. I didn’t see the replay, but from what I felt it was a pretty dangerous hit. We’ll see what happens.”

Take a look:

It’s a little frustrating that Staios, who has had concussions in the past, would take such a clear run at someone’s head on this play. Given that he’s not a repeat offender in the NHL’s books I wouldn’t expect more than two games.

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  1. I think it looked like the shoulder made contact with the head. Not the elbow, as the blogger claims. The elbow came up on the follow-through.

  2. Yeah, does not look dirty to me really. Staios stepped up and the follow through looks like the elbo is up, but its all shoulder at contact

  3. Initial contact seems to me to be chest. Staois’ arms come in below Talbots. The shoulder/upper arm might have caught him on the follow through but I don’t think we can call it a head hunt. The play was dangerous but to me there was no ill intent. I also don’t think it has anything to do with Talbot’s history with the Islanders (he’s the guy they ‘jumped’ in the infamous brawl game last year). He’ll probably get two games for being an Islander but there really has been worse that have gone unpunished.

  4. At least Staois didn’t get Talbot right in the penis

  5. It looked like the elbow clipped him in the chest. I’m not sure I see any head contact at all.

    As to why he’s down, shaking the cobwebs out of his skull if he didn’t get hit in the head, Talbot has faked an injury after a ‘headshot’ to try and draw a major on at least one other occasion that I’m aware of. Last year in the playoffs, Malone gave him the old ‘blindside or lateral hit to the back of the…shoulder’ and he pretended to be dead for about fifteen seconds. When the refs weren’t buying by that point, he jumped to his feet and got into defensive position, clear-eyed and unharmed. The whole sequence was sort of comical.

  6. Talbot was the idiot who gave Blake Comeau a concussion last year when he was on the pens. That is why the Islanders jumped him in the brawl game

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