Hey look, Langkow and Plecanec

We had a lot to work with today: we discussed the Cammalleri-for-Bourque trade (and the odd timing of it), what’s become of the Montreal Canadiens, the All-Star Game rosters, “snubs,” the possible All-Star captains, the Winter Classic likely being in Ann Arbour in 2013, HBO’s 24/7 and their interest in a Leafs/Wings matchup, and most importantly, we had a great chat with Dave Lozo of NHL.com.

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  1. I think Pizzo is right. At first glance, Wings/Leafs as an HBO feature would not be as interesting. Certainly could turn out differently, but I think it will be a much tougher sell marketing-wise than the previous ones. The Leafs, outside of Toronto, just aren’t really relevant right now. And the Wings are are very good team, but aren’t really known for having big personalities.
    Honestly, I think Toronto being in the Winter Classic makes the event less compelling. The Classic, ideally, should be between 2 great teams, or at least 2 that have a recognizable rivalry to sell it to the casual fan. So DET-CHI, or DET-SJS, or DET-VAN. I know that first match-up has already happened, but it will have been 4 years ago when the 2013 Classic happens, so that’s long enough.

  2. The reason he was traded mid-game was so Bourque could “play” two games in the same day and shorten his suspension

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