Cammalleri will exchange this jersey for a Flames one... again

So according to everyone in hockey with a twitter account, Mike Cammalleri has been traded from the Habs to some sort of mystery team for a mystery return. Eyebrows rose when Cammalleri did not reappear on the Montreal bench during the third period and was not on the ice. After what was, no doubt, some creative snooping, it was determined that Cammalleri was not injured and had been told by team officials that he had been dealt. From the rink, they called Cammalleri a cab and told him to “await further instructions” when he got to the team hotel.

Obviously things have been a little heated in Montreal with Cammalleri playing the role of lightning rod for the team’s struggles and displeasure. It’s still shocking to see him traded so quickly and without very much of a whiff of talk that he was on his way out leading up to this week. Equally odd is the fact that this is January in the NHL and not the MLB trade deadline. In the NHL you generally wait until the end of a game to tell someone you’ve shipped them out. According to CapGeek, Cammalleri has a limited No Trade Clause which (obviously) means there are only so many places he could go. It has been reported that there are seven teams on his “I will not go there” list.

I also can’t tell if this is Gauthier making a move to try and save his job or if this is Gauthier making a move with a key piece because he has the full backing of upper management.

More as it develops…

UPDATE: Apparently Calgary is the new destination for Cammalleri.


The official pieces switching hands are Mike Cammalleri, Karri Ramo and a fifth rounder from Montreal heading to Calgary for Rene Bourque, Patrick Holland and a second rounder in 2013.

Initial reaction: What an utterly useless trade. Calgary continues to botch what should be a rebuilding effort by adding a top six forward with a $6 million cap hit while Montreal adds a guy who is a third liner on a good team who is signed through 2016 and a seventh round draft pick who projects to be a bottom six, two way forward. All in all, the type of trade you would expect these two franchises to make.

A twitter quote from Mr. Justin Bourne who apparently feels more or less the same way I do about this deal:

Also, for those who would like to run with the “Gauthier wants to appease the French language nationalists” I have some bad news: Bourque is a Westerner (granted, with some Metis heritage) and not Francophone or Quebecois in any way. Proof, you say?

Some stats for your consideration:
Cammalleri has 22 points (9 goals) in 37 games this season.
Bourque has 16 points (13 goals) in 38 games this season. He has two games left on a five game suspension. Karri Ramo currently plays for Avangard Omsk of the KHL – good luck getting accurate KHL stats.
Patrick Holland (6-feet, 175) was a seventh round pick of the Flames in 2010. He currently has 57 points in 40 games with the Tri-City Americans of the Western League.

For those of you wondering how on earth Calgary can fit Cammalleri in under their cap, I give you the Long Term Injured Reserve clause, which the Flames have used liberally this season. Case in point…