"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" - Henrik Zetterberg to Mike Smith

Time for a happy change of tone here on Backhand Shelf added content night (woot!) from dirty hits and questionable trades to “OHMYGODHESCORED” goals.

Henrik Zetterberg made Mike Smith of the Coyotes look absolutely silly tonight and just a couple of nights after Smith posted a save of the year candidate on a Marian Gaborik penalty shot.

Zetterberg came in on Smith in tonight’s shootout and ended the game as the eighth shooter in the Red Wings win. Not only was it a game winner, he did it in style. Peter Forsberg isn’t the only Swede to show off some skill with this move.

Get your popcorn and watch…

Somewhere Marian Gaborik is watching this goal (ideally by reading this blog post) and smiling.