Rob Pizzo and I spent some of our time at the Winter Classic with Flyers fans, and man, were we entertained.

We figured we’d take the chance to ask a few trivia questions and see if we couldn’t catch a few diehards off-base.

I came away from the experience liking them more than I thought I would. As an Isles guy, the plan was to find them detestable, but aside from the guy we show last in this video, I actually grew quite fond of them.

So here it is – Rob Pizzo and I asking a few trivia questions to Flyers fans at the Winter Classic:

Comments (2)

  1. The hot dog guy at 2:25 is a beauty..

  2. Rob Pizzo should be fired from the score only knows hockey and is such a sheep it is unreal. His picks are so generic anyone can do what pizzo does dream a sid crosby in his bed at night and does not realise hockey is such a bounce of a sport number 8 seeds beat number 1 seeds all the time number 7 seeds beat number 2 seeds all the time yet pizzo thinks lets take every favorite since hockey is so great lol lolol.Learn another sport Rob Pizzo or stop making sports picks on tv and just admit you know hockey nothing else because your a typical canadian that cant think outside the box.

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