Timing is everything. We have all heard the saying before and most people that I associate with have tried to follow it.

You don’t break up with your girlfriend the day before her birthday.

You don’t call someone when their favourote show is on.

And you NEVER go to the washroom when your team is in overtime.

Until this season I thought NHL teams also believed in the saying. Because of that, us fans were able to make educated guesses as to when moves would be made. If a coach was on the hot seat, we were able to look at that team’s schedule and gage when would be the best time for the team to give him the ax. This year has been different, we have seen numerous moves made that have had us scratching our heads because the timing was just…well…weird.

Habs fire assistant coach Perry Pearn hours before a game

I understood that the firing was about sending a message to the team, but for Pierre Gauthier to do the deed that close to game time was strange. Especially since much of an assistant coach’s job is to do the grunt work in preparation for the next game, which I’m assuming he had done at that point. So basically, they made sure they were ready for the game, then fired him.

165 hours

That’s how long Bruce Boudreau was on the unemployment line after getting fired by the Capitals. The Ducks snatched him up pretty much destroying any record for quickest hiring of a coach. Even Usain Bolt was impressed with that time. Which brings us to…

980 Days

That’s how much time Randy Carlyle had left on his contract extension when Anaheim gave him the boot. He signed the extension on December 1st 2011 and fired 115 days later.

Jacques Martin Fired hours before a game

Pierre Gauthier strikes again! The team was struggling and the move was not a shock in any way, but these moves usually come right AFTER the game. This news would have been even bigger if Randy Cunneyworth spoke french.

71 Days

The amount of time Bluejackets GM Scott Howson waited too long to fire Scott Arniel. On October 30th Columbus had just one win in the first 11 games of the season and most thought that would be the perfect time to make a change. Mr Howson waited…and waited…and waited. He wanted to make sure they sunk to new levels of sucking before he actually pulled the trigger.

20 minutes

Time remaining in last night’s Habs-Bruins game when Mike Cammalleri was traded to Calgary. Again, the actual move was not surprising seeing as he called his team “losers”, but I do not remember ever seeing a player traded during a game. Pierre Gauthier is proving he doesn’t give a rats ass about timing. It wouldn’t surprise me if he traded a player while he was on a breakaway.

Surprising year to say the least, but teams are keeping us on our toes. I’m going to go listen to “Time is on my Side” by The Rolling Stones, clutch song!


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Comments (3)

  1. I don’t understand all the drama around the fact that Cammalleri was traded during the game, it happens all the time in baseball where we see a player pulled from the game and then shake hands in the dugout before leaving.

  2. Carter, Richards, Lupul, lololol

  3. Pizzo: Math is not your strength is it?

    If Randy Carlyle signed an extension (3 years as you suggest) on December 1st and was fired 115 days later, he would be fired in the future. So tell me something McFly, does the Delorean REALLY need to go 88mph? (btw, 115 after December 1, 2011 is March 21, 2012)

    Did we not see a player get pulled out of a game last year before the deadline because a trade was in the works? I don’t see this as odd. It happens in the MLB quite a bit and should probably happen more often in the NHL as well.

    I disagree with your Columbus assessment, but only because it is Mr. Howson who needs to go. He’s built an awful team based on the contracts he’s offered.

    Nash is worth his contract and Carter too!

    Huselius for $4.75m; Umburger for $4.6m after this year; Antoinne Vermette for $3.75m?

    Pizzo, I listen to you, Bourne, and Hains as often as possible. Which one of you would put those three guy out as your 2nd line? I could see each of them being a guy on a line with some better players, but not together. I realize this isn’t a line per se but you almost need to look at things this way.

    And for those price tags? Yeesh! That would be like Bourne’s black business cards that are still sitting in his nightstand.

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