Callahan seems a little preoccupied here

The folklore started many years ago when he made Rostislav Olesz swallow his mouthguard at the World Juniors and has carried itself through multiple seasons in the NHL. Whether you love him or hate him, Dion Phaneuf is a first class bringer of pain. There aren’t many people more feared in the NHL crossing the open ice than the Leafs captain, and in a lot of ways he has earned the reputation of “next Scott Stevens” with some outrageous hitting.

Denis Hamel, you should have been warned.

At any rate, Phaneuf claimed another victim in a Toronto loss as he clocked Brian Boyle at centre ice as a whistle blew. This is just a good ole fashioned shoulder to should check that didn’t end well. Boyle should be mad at the trap he walked into when Phaneuf’s outlet pass was picked up. He should have known all along.


Simply put: nail, meet hammer. Ouch.

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  1. I have the video, it was a nice hit, I made a post.

    Oh and it’s a Toronto guy, so yeah we need to pump that. They need the attention.

    I <3 TO

    • I get that, my reply was in jest. It’s literally as simple as me getting the video and liking the video. I think I’m more or less fair to all teams/regions in terms of coverage. Thanks for checking out our stuff.

  2. Just throwing it out there, but maybe it’s because there are a lot of Leafs fans out there and this is for their pleasure? I fail to see what’s wrong with that, just as I didn’t care that he wrote a post drawing attention to how well Ottawa is doing (boo, hiss, and all that).

  3. i suppose, but the Ottawa Senators are one of the hottest teams in hockey right now, which qualifies them as a story, Phaneuf has been almost a non entity all year. What next, a story about Korbinian Holzer successfully banking a puck off the glass and out of Toronto’s zone?

    • I will write a post on that and dedicate it to you the moment it happens, lower case brian. You have incurred my petty wrath.

      Thanks for being a reader!

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