As the NHL has made it very clear: hockey is for everyone. And in that spirit, today we’d like to point out that Ice Hockey in Harlem is having their annual auction once again this year, and you’re invited to be a part of it.

For those of you who don’t know what Ice Hockey in Harlem is, I’ll let them explain. From the website:

ICE HOCKEY IN HARLEM is a non-profit community-based organization for youth that uses the sport of hockey to promote academic achievement, responsibility, teamwork and good character.

The objective of the organization is to provide inspiration, encouragement and guidance to children leading to better life experiences, education and career opportunities. Since 1987, ICE HOCKEY IN HARLEM has enriched the lives of thousands of inner-city boys and girls.

This year the organization helped the kids become involved in the Winter Classic festivities, which is to say: they’re doing some pretty awesome work. It’s Martin Luther King Day here in the US, so it seems like a fitting day to check out what they’re about.

As Patrick Hoffman of Kukla’s Korner also pointed out today, their big auction takes place Febrary 3rd at Planet Hollywood in New York City in Times Square (NE corner of 45th Street and Broadway). If you can’t make it, you still have the opportunity to donate here.

You can’t go wrong – it’s for a great cause, you can pick up some great memorabilia, AND they have an open bar. Hurray!