Ordinarily when people say “if the season ended today”, I cringe. Not because I don’t like the topic, but because it is usually said at the wrong time. Ten games into the season there is always a team in 1st place that shouldn’t be, a player scoring at a rate that will inevitably slow down, and a Cup contender sitting outside of a playoff spot. There are very few times when the “if the season ended today” discussion can be brought up. Like say just around the midway point of the season when the All Star break is just around the corner….hey look, that’s today!

If the season ended today: Henrik Sedin would win his 2nd Art Ross Trophy.

The first Art Ross Trophy was awarded in 1948. Since then there have been just 11 players to win the award more than once. Think of the company he would be put into. Names like Wayne, Mario, Lafleur and Gordie. The last 9 winners were first timers, and the last player to have won it on multiple occasions, Jaromir Jagr. Not bad Hank.

If the season ended today: The Washington Capitals would be in the playoffs

Not only would they be in the playoffs, but they would have the #3 seed in the East and have home ice against the Devils. This is not so much a compliment to Washington, but a complaint about the NHL playoff system. The Caps are a mere point away from being the NINTH seed, but because they lead their division they shoot up to number 3. The NHL should really think about realigning and changing the way….oh wait a minute.

If the season ended today: Alexander Ovechkin would finish with his lowest points-per-game average of his career.

Most people thought last year was just a fluke (myself included) . This year has been a disaster for the The Good Eight (I’ve taken the liberty of downgrading his nickname for now) . Every year of his career he has averaged at least a point per game, this year he sits at 0.81. He has had a few vintage O.V. runs (7 game point streak that saw him total 11 points), but it’s just not the same player we are used to.

If the season ended today: Steven Stamkos wins his second Rocket Richard trophy.

That shouldn’t be too surprising, what should surprise you is that:

1) He would do it with his highest goals/game average of his career (0.68)

2) The Lightning are tied for dead last in the East

If the season ended today: Eric Staal would more than double his worst plus/minus number of his career.

Last year Staal was -10 and that was his career worst, this year he sits at -21. Rick Nash is only one even strength goal better at -20. If they both need a silver lining, they can be happy that they are nowhere near the NHL record set by Bill Mikkelson in 1974-75 with a mind boggling -82.

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