Taylor Hall in a different warmup and jersey without incident

Scary incident tonight in Columbus as the Oilers’ Taylor Hall was caught sliding along the ice in the pre-game skate against the Blue Jackets. Hall caught an edge at about the faceoff dot and went sliding into the sideboards. He wasn’t wearing his helmet and his face was exposed.

This obviously happens everyday in at least one game, but the situation got problematic for Hall when Corey Potter came skating along and got tangled up with Hall. Potter tried making it over top of the pile of bodies and couldn’t and the end result was him stepping on Hall’s face with his right skate.

Here is the video – you don’t see blood or anything but it’s definitely uncomfortable to watch.

Hall obviously didn’t play in tonight’s game after the incident and has reportedly received over 30 stitches to seal up the gash.

No word on whether the Oilers are waiting until after the game to cut Corey Potter or if it has been done already.

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  1. gotta love the Score posting a TSN video on their website hahahah

  2. This might not have been quite so bad if Hall was wearing his helmet. I never understood why they all don’t wear their helmets during warmup? Too hot? Uncomfortable?

    I took a puck to the side of the head once when skating behind the net before a pick-up game. It rung my bell a bit, but it would have been a WHOLE lot worst if i didn’t have on my helmet. There is always that chance.

    • Same reason people jump in their car and don’t wear a seat belt. Most people learn from experience, so i’d be willing to bet you never see Taylor in warm-ups without a helmet ever again.

      Like you, i had an accident in warm ups as well. Buddy and I were skating before a pick up game, the rink had come chain link fence areas up high. Puck jumped up near the boards, buddy raised his stick, stick got caught in the fence. By the time he realized what was going on, he let go of the stick and it whipped back with the shaft area coming straight across the bridge of my nose.

      I never step on the ice without a helmet anymore. Freak shiz can happen at any time.

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