Today Pizzo and I spend some time discussing the Dion Phaneuf/Nick Foligno incident (including the legality of the hit, the fight, Paul Maclean’s take and more), John Tortorella calling James Dolan’s Stanley Cup comment “bullsh*t”, not wearing helmets in warm-up and the resulting 30 stitches to Taylor Hall’f face, Jiri Hudler’s “Forsberg” shootout move, and the question: are there any NHL moves you’re sort of over being impressed by? Oh, and also: more.

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  1. On the Foligno hit…
    Dion moved in from the blue line at full steam, had he nailed Foligno it could have been a charging call. Foligno ducks and sends Dion over his back; clipping call? Yes.
    Are we looking at a charging call possibly a concision if Dion nails him? Maybe.
    I like Folignos option on to save himself on that one. Maybe next time Dion thinks twice about charging from in from the blue line.

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