"I. Think. Not." -Brodeur

Let’s play the “which save was better” game between two guys who are/will go down as legends in the realm of goaltender. I’ve got a hunch as to which will do better, but hey, I’m interested to hear people’s thoughts.

First up is Ryan Miller against the Winnipeg Jets. Miller, in spite of his truly “turrible” Buffalo Sabres team has been asked not to be traded and is still playing his rear off on the slight chance that his Sabres can squeak into the playoffs. Case in point: He made this stop which momentarily kept the Sabres tied with the Jets. This of course was no longer the case when Winnipeg eventually scored and took the lead en route to beating Buffalo. At any rate, this was a pretty spectacular save. See for yourself.

Not to be outdone, that wily vet Marty Brodeur did a number on Benoit Pouliot in today’s Devils-Bruins tilt. With the Devils clinging to a one goal lead, Brodeur reaches out to make a desperation save and robs the Bruins forward of an opportunity to tie it up. However, like his colleague in Buffalo – or Winnipeg if you want to get technical regarding where the game was – his team’s lead/tie was no longer up for issue once the opponent scored en route to the loss. At any rate, cool save.

Well Backhand Shelf nation, which save was better: Miller or Marty?

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  1. Miller did a better save.

    Miller goes back to reach the puck before it gets in. I don’t want to take anything away from Brodeur on that save but to me, it seems like Pouliot shoots in the glove of Brodeur more then him reaching the puck.

  2. Gotta be the stick save – those are such beauty, and even more so due to their rarity.

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