Hockey powerplays tend to be fairly unoriginal. You have your overload, your umbrella, your box-plus-one and a few others, but rarely does a team try anything new.

Well, 1st-year head coach Andy Murray has the Western Michigan University Broncos bucking that trend (booo, bad pun).

Behold: the double one-timer.

That’s Dennis Brown letting the puck go through his legs, and Matt Tennyson bombing home the one-timer (and Shane Berschbach with the primary assist, I believe). Wow.

Murray has the Broncos up to 8th in the nation at 12-7-5 in a difficult conference. Looks like a little originality is taking them a long way.

Stick-tap to Twitter friend @JustinLibano, who adeptly pointed out that it kinda looks like a volleyball formation.