Hockey powerplays tend to be fairly unoriginal. You have your overload, your umbrella, your box-plus-one and a few others, but rarely does a team try anything new.

Well, 1st-year head coach Andy Murray has the Western Michigan University Broncos bucking that trend (booo, bad pun).

Behold: the double one-timer.

That’s Dennis Brown letting the puck go through his legs, and Matt Tennyson bombing home the one-timer (and Shane Berschbach with the primary assist, I believe). Wow.

Murray has the Broncos up to 8th in the nation at 12-7-5 in a difficult conference. Looks like a little originality is taking them a long way.

Stick-tap to Twitter friend @JustinLibano, who adeptly pointed out that it kinda looks like a volleyball formation.

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  1. Bourne! I love this play both as a former volleyball player and hockey goaltender.

    Now luckily the guy providing the distraction one-timer made the score sheet with the second assist but how many times do we see players make these non-plays (ie: letting the puck go through their skates to a player who is in perfect position) and then not end up on the score sheet?

  2. I guess the real question is whether that was a planned play or if Dennis just whiffed on the puck and Matt saw it happening.

    • It’s clearly a fake imo. You can see the puck already under his skates when he starts his “shot” either he wiffed by way too large a margain for a player at that level or it was planned.

  3. My question would be why don’t we see this more often? Is it the chance of failure? 3 offensive players are in a straight line, if the pass misses could it be easier to break their “3-man plain” ending up with the short handed team on a breakaway?

  4. I notice this is during a 5-3 powerplay. I’m guessing it might be a bit more difficult to pull off on a 5-4 because you’ll see more aggression from the high guys.

  5. Get with the program. The Red Wings used this trick much earlier this season, several tiimes in fact. It’s knot new, just different and rare.

    • It’s some sort of law that when any hockey-related article comes out, a Red Wings fan is not far away to cry “The Red Wings did it first!”.

  6. Definitely done on purpose. The guy who faked it immediately went to the goal scorer to congratulate him. No hesitation. He knew exactly what happened because it was planned.

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