Ladies and gentlemen, the League's hardest hitter

Sports Illustrated continued its release of player polls yesterday, this time laying out the names of players that were voted the League’s hardest hitters.

The list below, then some thoughts:

1. Zdeno Chara
2. Jordin Tootoo
3. Cal Clutterbuck
4. Douglas Murray
5. Dion Phaneuf
6. Dustin Brown
7. Niklas Kronwall
8. Shea Weber
9. Milan Lucic
10. Alex Ovechkin
11. Patrick Kaleta
12. Chris Neil
13. Chris Pronger
14. Brooks Orpik
15. Robyn Regehr



* There are different types of “hitters.” There are guys that put you on your butt, then there are guys that make you think ”oof, I don’t ever want to play another shift of hockey again.” This clearly seems to be a list of the latter.

* Congrats to Jordin Tootoo for making the list. He’s a cannonball, and really prides himself on hammering every possible human on skates, so it’s good to see that it’s been a successful strategy for him.

* Being a consistent “oh god, you know this guy is taking the body every time” guy seems to have some value (Tootoo, Dustin Brown etc.). That’s part of what makes taking the body so effective – you make guys pass the puck too early because they know they’re getting hit, so they know they have to be prepared.

* Alex Ovechkin made the list, which is cool. Part of me wondered if we didn’t make a fuss about his hits because he’s an offensive star, but it turns out the players agree – he does bring the thunder when he wants to.

And lastly,

* Context. The men on this list are HUGE. Until you stand beside an NBA player yourself, it’s tough to tell how big they are. With few exceptions, this is a list of gigantasaurs.