"If we're paying you, you WILL earn that money."

I was fortunate to get to take in the exciting Detroit Red Wings/Phoenix Coyotes game last night, and just happened to have been gifted terrific seats.

I spent the majority of the game (with the help of a friend) trying to get pictures of the notes that the coaching staff of the Wings had jotted down, because I always get a kick out of seeing something brutally honest like “*Player Name*, lazy slug, isolate,” and figured you guys would too (no luck on that, sorry).

During my detective work, I noticed something else: the Detroit Red Wings make Ty Conklin take stats (likely hits and faceoffs). Because…they play junior hockey? Does Jimmy Howard do this when he backs up? Is this common in the NHL? …I have so many questions.

I’ve been asked to help out on stats as a healthy scratch in lower leagues, but this is the Red Wings.

Ty Conklin is a 35 year old man making 3/4 of a million dollars. He’s played in the Stanley Cup Finals, the Winter Classic, and hell….the NHL in general, for Pete’s sake. The Red Wings sell-out almost every building they play in. And they don’t have a guy for this?

Maybe they want him to pay attention?

I guess it’s not like he’s filling waterbottles, but who knows – he could be doing that too. Am I alone in finding this strange? Bueller?


(UPDATE: Ah-ha! It’s a Babcock thing.)